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Bye-bye, Google Friend Connect! {subscribe}

By Sydneygrace @SydneyGrace121

Hi friends!

So normally I wouldn’t ever write a post about something like this, but here I am! Bear with me. :)

You know that cute little follow box you see in all of your friend’s blogs sidebars?

This one.

bye-bye, google friend connect! {subscribe}

Well, some sort of sad news: This Thursday {March 1st} this fun following gadget, Google Friend Connect, is disappearing for all non-Blogger blogs! Which includes this little blog of mine. :)

Google Friend Connect {or GFC} isn’t just a number that shows your blogging status/popularity. If you’re subscribed to a blog via GFC, you can read new posts from that blog in your Blogger dashboard.

I never did, but this is the way a lot of people keep up with and read their favorite blogs!

I am soooo blessed to have 165 GFC followers. I love all of my blogging friends and I want you all to be able to keep up with this blog!

On Thursday, my blog  {and a bunch others as well, if they are on WordPress} will stop showing up in your Blogger dashboard. If you want to keep updated {which I so hope you do!} here are your 2 main options:

You can sign up for email updates. Enter your email address in the handy box below {don’t worry, your email address is safe!}. You will get a confirmation email from Feedburner, and once you confirm, you’ll be subscribed. Anytime I write a post, it’ll be sent to your email inbox! Just like that. :)

Enter your email address:

Don’t want to subscribe by email? No worries, you can also subscribe through a reader. If you don’t already have an account, get set-up with Google Reader. Google Reader is a free service that allows you to subscribe to blogs {via RSS} with just the click of a button! Then, very similarly to the way you read blogs in your Blogger dashboard, you will be able to read posts using Google Reader. It’s really easy, and many of my friends favorite & preferred way to keep track of all the blogs they love. Try it out. :)

Click here to find the Faithful Always RSS Feed. {All you have to add a blog to your Google Reader account is to just click the “Google” button on this page.}n

I hope that you’ll take a moment to subscribe in one of these 2 ways so that we can stay connected. :)



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