By: Gaurav Dhaked

Posted on the 18 June 2021 by Gaurav Dhaked @wowgoldit
By: Gaurav Dhaked

Putlocker main website is down, and it is quite sad for the people who are surfing this web page for a long time. Now, you want to try something similar or related to this website. Putlocker9 is the new version of the putlocker site that is available online in various form.

After the ban on putlocker, admin of this site changed the domain name and launched a new website that is it.

putlocker9 is an illegal and free HD movie download website that you can visit with the help of a web address This website is also known by the name putlocker or putlockers. It is an unsafe or unsecured website for movie streaming and download. In case of urgency, you can use afdah, sockshare, megashare instead of this website.

So, if you want to know about more to the it then read the similarities, issues and other related things in the next paragraphs.

In the first section, I will let you know why putlocker is down and the problems regarding the website.

What is Putlocker9

Putlocker website is no more exist in the form of on the internet; when you open the following web address in the browser after that you will get some warnings, and In some places, the DNS does not respond.

It means, you can not reach to the putlocker data and do not stream it on your device. It is a critical problem for some people who are not able to pay money for premium sites.

As you well know about this fact that putlocker offered a database collection to watch free movies using various servers that they do not own.

So, after the putlocker down, people are running towards the other choices that they can apply for the term.

However, as you know, this online world is filled with lots of fake and unsafe things. So, I want to help those people to reach the right destination that can help them to select a right path.

People who are working behind putlocker also exist, and they will make appear it with the new name.

Putlocker9 Working site

Putlocker9 working version :

In case, you did not find the putlocker site to access the filmy content then it is a choice that you can believe. Putlocker 9 is used to watch free movies and TV series online.

As you know, this website keeps every feature of the main website, and that is the upgradation of putlocker's main site. You can see this website as a putlocker new name, other than name everything is similar to this web page.

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If you have any doubt in your mind, then you require to go through the website data. In case, you have any previous encounter with put locker site then you will remember my word. It is an exact copy to the website with the same categories, menus, and featured options.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

It has also added some things like HD heredity, social profiles on twitter and Facebook, content updation rate as compared to the previous one.

On put locker9, you can get more links of servers and data centers to watch movies and TV shows in free.

If you are a big fan of putlocker in the past then this website is the first go-to option for you as compared to other choices available in the market. To find you can use my addresses or search for it in any search engine that you prefer.

Top Mirrors You can try Instead of Putlocker 9

Putlocker is not a small thing in respect of audience and worker's, so they have some classic and choice for it in various countries. In the below list, you will find multiple domain extensions of putlocker, and you can also call then mirrors.


Site URL: is the pretty favorite in present days among the previous followers of putlocker. You can choose it as an alternative to the main website.

However, there is some limitation on this website, it works in some specific locations, in many countries this website is not performing that right as compared to other.

When you open the website by using the address that I will tell you. Its logo is same as the putlocker9 and other sites. However, they keep more updated data nowadays due to high traffic that attracts the user more towards the putlocker is the platform.

putlocker. Is Website user interface is also matched to the primary platform? You can also request any specific content that you want to watch or think that will helpful for other members.

2#) got the popularity due to the offer of 1080HD quality movies and TV shows. So, people who want to stream their content in that much high resolution, prefer this website as compare to

This website kept a bigger database for TV shows and animation shows that connect to the specialized audience. Putlocker rs contains a slider with images of newly released movies.

You can use this .rs domain putlocker website for all of the locations. RS extension is used primarily to represent registry and other stuff.

3#) Putlocker123

Site URL:

Putlocker123 considered as a putlocker new site, and that is also good news for putlocker's fan. This web module is different from other versions of this website. It keeps a new theme design that looks simpler but capable of the navigation.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

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When you scroll down the home page, you will not see the categories sections that it has in putlocker. To get trending data, you can select from the top slider that contains new movies and episodes of shows.

Search field of putlocker123 looks impressive, and you can use it as a search engine. You can enjoy the premium part to make its ads free and secure in use.

4#) Putlocker today

Site URL:

Putlocker today does not represent the putlocker new site instead it is a website that is running on the name of putlocker with .today domain extension. is looked different from the other putlocker's websites, but it is a better option to watch movies online without giving any money to the site.

As you open the URL that I mention at the start of this topic. You can access a website with tabs like most viewed, most extended videos, random videos, and favorite videos. Create an account to save your history and start the show and series from where you last left.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

On putlocker today site, the user can also see the total views of the video or appearing title before clicking on any choice.

Is putlocker9 safe

The answer is no!

But not that dangerous!

As you know, putlocker is down in the present, So I will tell you that putlocker 9 is safe or not. I think, it is relatable and it will help you to secure from the threats to the this website.

As you know, every putlocker website includes the auto click ads and banner advertising, and they use the external server to offer you a movie or series stream.

There are two threats that you can consider in term of the putlocker website. First one is that you are using external players and they include the service of flash player that is installed with our browser.

According to many reports, there are issues for the flash player with some external video players and that can increase the threats to your system.

In the second case, if you click on any ads or auto-click in some case. They will download some external programs and files on your system, and they can cause a security breach.

So, it means putlocker is not a safe option but if you want to use it without failing to your system security. In that case, you require a strong antivirus that can help you to improve system security.

Putlocker9 Alternatives For HD Movies

So, Guys, I think you got a website that is the putlocker replacement, but some other sites contain similar data to it.

I am going to write down about these top sites like putlocker who searched by the people who love the putlocker main site.

1#) Afdah

Site URL:

Afdah is a website that distributes by the people who are working behind the main site. For proofs, you can check a section in a menu that is dedicated to putlocker. It exists with many domain extensions such as, .website and some more. This website devoted to movies and provide a vast range of films to watch.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

Afdah org is a movie search engine where you can find the almost every favorite movies that people love across the world.

The rate of conversion of low-quality files to high-quality files in case of new releases is high as compare to other movie streaming sites.

To watch movies for free on afdah, choose your image or title that you are in mind and click on the text. After that, you will reach a streaming page where you can use any link to view that flick or series episode.

You can also use the information that is showing with the thumbnail and title to discover some new movies.

To sort the massive databases of flicks on, you can use the menu items that can help you to find flicks according to the year and genre distribution.

2#) Sockshare

Site URL:

Sockshare is also a worth trust option in the modern market that you can choose as a putlocker alternative. I think this site like putlocker looks like a JAM in the design prospect.

When you open the shockshare in your browser, then you can see the numerous green boxes that represent the categories by names. You can click on the icon or the green tabs to find the best movies for you.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

Any person can take help from quick search field by searching the name of actors or genres that has not covered in the category section.

SockShare is a quality website that you can use as a putlocker9 replacement to enjoy TV shows streaming online. You can choose from a list of shows that will give you an excellent option to entertain yourself in free time.

3#) Potlocker

Potlocker is not a rename or a new name of putlocker instead it is a different website and a top putlocker alternative that you can use to help for shows, animations, and other things. It is also registered at IMDB, and that makes it quite accessible for people who follow the website.

You can visit potlocker from any place of the world, and it will offer the quality fresh content. Any viewer can also save the data offline from the website by using various server links and other stuff.

4#) 0123 movies


0123 movies website keeps all peculiarities of 123movie main site that launched at the same time as putlocker.

Putlocker9 and 123movies are the biggest competitors who offer the free services of entertainments. However I think, putlocker is more favorable as compared to 123 movies web address.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

0123movies is a mirror version of the main site that is down in many parts of the world. You can use it to full fill your desire for classic movies and shows that are known among the people.

5#) Megashare

Megashare Site:

This putlocker alternative is also chosen to be an participant in this list on numerous forums and portals that I use to gather my information. This website uses the old colors and designs that usage in the past by the makers of free movie sites.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

People are familiar with the website, but some of you do not know the power of this website. It supplies every movie that you want to watch online on their web portal, and it makes people happy.

Last Words

In my thoughts, you got the reason behind the putlocker down, and all the information that is required to know about the putlocker9 and it is quite impressive for me and you both.

Now you can enjoy these websites and enjoy the movies streaming to watch free tv shows and flicks.
Thanks For Reading!

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