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Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch EP

Posted on the 22 July 2015 by Ripplemusic

Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch EP

Perfection waveriders.This is not a term I throw around lightly.Okay, I might use the word perfect to describe a number of things in a number of situations. When it comes to music however I don't use the term except when it is absolutely, one hundred percent, beyond a shadow of a doubt warranted.The Spiral Scratch EP from the Buzzcocks is perfect.

When someone says the words punk rock what do you think about?Speaking for myself I automatically conjure up music with three distinct qualities.Number one, this is music played at a rapid clip.No ballads allowed.These songs are in and out typically in a hurry.Number two, while there may be some complexity in individual compositions this music is fairly straightforward.Progressive rock it ain't.Number three, and perhaps most importantly, this is music with copious amounts of attitude.While listening I want to see the sneer of the singer/musicians in my mind's eye.Are all three of these qualities prominently displayed on the SS EP?You wouldn't be reading this if they were not!

Let's go down the list shall we?Length?This EP contains four songs that blast by in just over ten minutes.The truly impressive feat that the Buzzcocks accomplished here is that none of the four songs feel rushed or cut short in any way.Each song stands tall and is ridiculously memorable.Complexity?I'm not a music theorist and I don't pretend to be one on TV or in real life.All I can tell you is that there just doesn't seem to be too many odd time signatures, strange chord structures, or heavily orchestrated dynamic shifts in these four tracks.And attitude?Call the fire brigade because you'll need every one of their buckets to contain the attitude dripping from your speakers.

Look waveriders, I'm not here to lecture you about the importance of this EP in the history of punk rock.That would be disingenuous of me since I only picked up a copy last year.All I want to get across to you is that the BuzzcocksSpiral Scratch EP is punk rock perfection!If like me you often need a concentrated blast of pure punk goodness, this EP is mana from heaven!Pick up a copy if you have not already.

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