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.BUZZ Release Premium Domain List With Prices As High As $46,880

Posted on the 19 February 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains


The new gTLD .Buzz has released its premium list of domain names on its website,

The most expensive domain name on the list is Games.Buzz  at $46,880 but its on the ICANN collision list so its not quiet available yet.

The most expensive domain not on the collision list is Jobs.Buzz at  $42,000

Business.Buzz  is priced at  $33,500 is priced at $30,000 is priced at $28,300

Software.Buzz is priced $16,800

Also priced at $16,800 each are,, Boston.Buzz and Wedding.Buzz, Auction.Buzz (Auctions.Buzz is priced at $2,600)

Florida.Buzz  is priced at  $4,200

California.Buzz which has a larger population than Florida is priced at  $2,800.

It seems a lot of domain names are priced from around $2K-$3k.

The lowest priced premium domains are priced at $500 with around 700 three letter .buzz domain priced at $600.

If you have interest in acquiring any of these domains please contact  [email protected] , or at:

855-870-8775 (US)
+1 781-373-6879 (Worldwide)


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