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…Buzz Off

By Zer @the2women

…Buzz Off

Congratulations for surviving another holiday weekend.

As a reward for all your hard and not so hard work, you get to start another work week.

It’s time to put that nose back to the grind stone. So grab a cup of decaf, and get to it.

What’s that? You need your caffeine?

You might not need it as much as you think. That happy caffeine buzz can be achieved just as easily through the placebo effect (according to new research).

Kind of makes you stop and think. Is it all in your head? Do you even know what true caffeination feels like?

Who knows, you could have bee drinking decaf for weeks, months, years even, and have no idea.

Scary, right?

Have a happy not-Monday, and don’t forget to watch that barista like a hawk when he/she is pouring your venti.


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