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Buying Great Wedding Gowns on a Tight Budget

By Weddingblog2011

It is finally your big day, and you have dreams of wearing the most beautiful wedding dress money can buy. Fantasies of having a gown like Princess Diana might have been your ideal, but reality comes crashing in quickly. Unfortunately, with the downturn in the economy and everyone pinching pennies, finding that perfect wedding dress has become nearly impossible. So how do you make up for that? How do you find or buy a great wedding gown on a tight budget?

White is so Yesterday:

The old rules of wearing white on your wedding day no longer apply in today’s society. In fact, the concept of wearing white was only started in the nineteenth century. Before then, women were allowed to wear whatever color worked best for them. Unless you are a strict traditionalist, try to mix things up a little and work with other muted or pastel colors that will make you stand out. There are some great evening or bridesmaids gowns that can pass for wedding dresses.

Be Creative:

If you can sew, or have a relative or friend who can, search through your favorite bridal magazines to find a design that catches your attention. Select your design of choice and work on creating that perfect wedding gown. Go to your local fabric or clothing store to purchase little embellishments like roses, sequins, beads or lace to spruce up an ordinary evening gown or bridesmaid’s dress. Speak to the salespeople at the shops as they will have great tips and ideas to help enhance your attire.

Hunt for Bargains:

Search through magazines and online sites for bridal stores running sales. Most of these stores like David’s Bridal and Filene’s Basement usually have great sales at certain times during the year and catching them early can be rewarding. Also check out local department stores. Again, do not limit yourself to just picking out a particular wedding dress (as those might come with high price tags). Instead, look for an evening gown that you can alter and transform into the perfect wedding dress with just a little extra imagination.

Another great place to find good deals for wedding gowns, if on a tight budget, is Diligence yields rewards, so taking the time to go through the website to find a gown that’s not only within your budget, but beautiful and made just for you, is the right way to go.

Something Borrowed:

Who says you can’t wear that wedding dress your mother, aunt, sister, or grandmother wore all those years ago? If you are lucky enough to have a relative or friend with a wedding dress that’s still in good condition, by all means, borrow it and make it  your own! Some of the most beautiful and unique gowns are considered vintage, and are in demand today.

You do not have to spend a lot on your wedding day. By taking the initiative and being creative, you can end up with a great wedding gown on a tight budget. All are advised to take this sound wedding advice.

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