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Buyer of Told the Sale Was a Mistake

Posted on the 30 November 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

We see these things from time to time, remember purchased for $2,577 by Yinan Wang and then Network Solutions said, yeah, NO!

Yinan went on to purchase and was sold at NamesCon for $370,000 by Uniregistry.

A member at Namepros detailed his purchase of

More info will be added later, but I will share main points now:
1. Today I bought .com name from @Uniregistry (on their site) for $xxxx;
2. Domain Registrant Organization: NAME ADMINISTRATION INC. (BVI) – REPORTED AS @Frank.Schilling, Uniregistry CEO;
3. Automatic PayPal payment, SSE, received domain instantly, Whois updated;
4. Changed nameservers to Dreamhost (domain was for my next project);
5. 2 hours later I received a short email regarding: “Registrant Change Approved” – NEVER REQUESTED;
6. Visited my Uniregistry account – DOMAIN IS MISSING;
7. Opened Whois, Registrant Organization: NAME ADMINISTRATION INC. (BVI) again – WITH MY NAMESERVERS;
8. Opened support ticket;
9. Started support chat;
10. Uniregistry staff Kirsty informed that: “Our market team have reached out and advised this domain was incorrectly sold. You will receive a refund within 24 hours.”;
11. I asked: “Please explain what does “was incorrectly sold” mean?”;
12. Reply: “This is all the information we have right now, however our market team management are currently working on this for you and we will be in touch shortly.”
Most of you probably think why Uniregistry acts so unprofessionally. The only answer that I can assume right now is that the same domain was listed on several other marketplaces for $18.2k, even this is not some top name (past tense verb). Domain is under NS1.UNIREGISTRYMARKET.LINK again.
I have tens of print-screens for this transaction, therefore, every point can be proved.
I will wait for their move or refund and will update the post accordingly.
The most interesting point is that the project/site for which I bought this domain will be related to online security, phishing, scams, etc. – VERY IRONIC situation

Now I understand what Uniregistry means by “No one does domains like Uni.”

Have a nice day, everyone!

The domain is listed at Afternic for $18,200

One of the posters at Namepros speculated that maybe a decimal point was in the wrong place. The Namepros member stated they paid “x,xxx” was that $1,000 or $9,999?

Should Uniregistry have just honored the sale? When it’s Network Solutions doing this stuff people tend to get loud because most don’t care for Network Solutions.

This was not a Uniregistry customer, this name was owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Inc.

I will point out the customer service rep said was incorrectly sold, not mispriced. Usually that’s what it means though. The name is for sale most places, marking Frank up their standard 15%

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