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Butterfly Species Decline ‘dramatically’ in Germany | Global Ideas | DW.COM | 30.03.2016

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Butterfly species decline ‘dramatically’ in Germany | Global Ideas | DW.COM | 30.03.2016

GR:  Similar reports are coming in from around the world.  Toxic pesticides are an important contributor to the decline in many other areas.

“Climate change and nitrogen pollution may be behind the “dramatic drop” in the number of butterfly species in Germany over the past 200 years, according to new research.

“Of the 117 butterfly species recorded in 1840 in the survey site, a protected habitat in the south-German state of Bavaria, just 71 are still found today, said the authors of the study recently published in journal “Conservation Biology.”

“Species requiring a specific type of habitat or food source, such as the “elegant white and ochre-spotted” hermit butterfly, are threatened with extinction in Germany. The hermit, for instance, lives in dry grasslands and will be hit even harder by changes in land use and global warming in the future, say the authors.”  From:

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