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Business Ideas : Fused Glass

By Bgdn_adrian
Business Ideas : Fused glassDescription: Fused glass means the process of shaping glass of hot glass. The result from the layering of glass fused pieces of different sizes and their heating at temperatures between 600-1000 degrees, as the temperatures in the layers soften and blend together, resulting in a final product whole, unique look.
   This technique of fusing glass can be used to manufacture a wide range of products and ornaments such as rings, pendants, earrings, decorating shop windows of stores, the glazing of furniture, dishes, paintings, etc. merged. Here are some examples of objects made from fused glass:

Business Ideas : Fused glassBusiness Ideas : Fused glass
Business Ideas : Fused glassBusiness Ideas : Fused glass
   The process is accessible to anyone and tools are necessary to achieve: glass cutter (diamond), rulers, different models of glass of different thicknesses, colors and sizes and mini oven heating. Mini ovens of this type are found in ads, somewhere around the amount of 1000 Euros. In choosing this glass fusing kiln it will be able to take care of temperatures up to 1000 degrees.
  Here is one embodiment, with the specification that the process relies more on your imagination hat on anything else:

Pros: - easy to do business at home
   - Depending on the dexterity and selected models, an investment in a heating oven can pay off quickly
   - you can make a wide range of products
   - The process is simple, but many experiments are necessary before a product reaches higher commercial aspects.
   - Raw material is found at very low prices
  - the products can be sold both offline and online (easily dispatched by courier, for example with the jewelry you can even create networks of collaborators who have direct contact with the target)
Cons: - working with soft glass is quite dangerous, so you have to be very careful
What you need: - acquisition costs of the glass melting furnace
   - Raw material acquisition costs (pieces of different sizes and colors of glass)
   - Choose an area / workrooms
   - Promotion online (blog / site / online store) and offline through business cards and price offers for potential customers.
   - Achieving a portfolio of products
Conclusions: Although it requires some experimentation, you can gain quick dexterity, and the product can be made in your home without much trouble. Keeping in mind that fused parts are sold at very good prices and the investment in raw material is tiny, the business fused glass objects can be a very profitable business.

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