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Business Ideas : Dried Fruit

Posted on the 30 March 2012 by Bgdn_adrian
Business Ideas : Dried FruitBusiness Description: Dried fruits are fresh fruit that are dried in order to be stored more easily. In history, many civilizations used the method of drying fruit in order to benefit from the quality of fruit in winter. This method is more effective than freezing fruit, for frozen fruits lose their vitamins. Drying fruit was made only in the sun for periods of 1-2 weeks, but today drying/ dried fruits can be done much faster using professional fruit dryers.
Because these devices, can now be found in stores, many kinds of fruits can be dried, among which we mention: bananas, apples, kiwi, apricots, blackberries, peaches, cranberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, and more others. Dried fruits are very healthy, some of them even indicated to treat certain diseases, such as heart disease, anemia, lack of energy, circulation, cholesterol.
  Drying/ dried fruits can be done with machines through dehydration. These devices must be professional, as small appliances only get a very low productivity. A professional appliance for drying fruit costs between 1800-2000 Euros/ 1200 - 1500 dollars. We know that prices in stores are very high for dried fruits; such investment in the acquisition of professional drying device can achieve a great revenue.
  Dried fruit can be sold in 100 g packs or bulk, and customers can be greengrocers or supermarkets.
Pros: - dried fruits are sold at very high prices
  - the product can be preserved for a long time
  - the use of drying apparatus is simple
  - Dried fruits are very healthy products
  - Initially invest small amounts
  - Return on investment is fast
Cons: - If there is quality in the investment, this business has no disadvantages
What You Need: - cost of investment in machine drying / dehydration of fruits
  - Costs of buying fruit to be dried
  - Deals with grocery, intermediaries.
  - Promoting the price offers for shops
Conclusion: This business can start off with little money and can make significant profits, in addition to offering customers a healthy product.

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