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Burqa Lady Shot Near Kotel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Last night a "burqa lady" was shot.
This burqa lady was walking towards the entrance to the Kotel, when police called to her to stop. They were unable to identify her as not a terrorist, as a Jew, from afar due to being completely covered, and wanted her to stop so they could identify her.
When she continued walking towards them and did not heed their warnings, they shot her in the leg to stop her, suspecting this person might be a terrorist with nefarious intentions. It is unclear why she did not heed the warnigns to stop.
sources: and Srugim
I hope she is ok and healing.
It seems like now is not a good time to refuse to identify yourself and do things that might be considered suspicious. Everybody is on alert everywhere. The security situation everywhere is very sensitive.

And, now Ladaat is also reporting on another incident with a burqa lady in Mea Shearim. She was detained. The article does not say why or what the police wanted from her. I don't know why she did not identify herself, even after being stopped by the police that she needed to be taken away.
Burqa lady shot near Kotel
Burqa lady shot near Kotel
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