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Burnin' Love

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie

Some days the mama job is a difficult one.  Those days are usually the ones the baby doesn't feel well, like today.

Mayhem nearly drove me past the point of insanity with his nonstop whining yesterday, but after partying like it was 2009, i.e. dragging out all the toys like some sort of mini-madman on a search, he rewarded me by sleeping nearly six hours straight.  Ya'll, that's an eight month record right there!

This morning, my little cupcake fell asleep in the stroller on our walk which never happens.  That was my second clue, the first being the new tooth I found in his mouth yesterday. 

He has been so pouty pitiful today, wanting to be held and loved on constantly.  So I have.

Burnin' Love

He's just sat quietly in my lap against me most of the day and has had a slight fever so I am really getting a taste of what the velveteen rabbit must have felt like when the boy had scarlet fever.  

Burnin' Love

There's even been some laying on the couch staring at the walls going on.  Even babies need to space out sometimes.He's got a cough, too, most likely from a summer cold and is just the saddest little puppy you've ever seen.  So much "I don't feel good!" drama!

It drives me crazy and I love it at the same time.  I want the whining to end and him to happily go back to playing with his toys, but I'm like, "Sit in my lap and let me love on you if that makes you feel better," too.  It's pretty awesome knowing that your presence is absolutely needed for healing.  This mama job can be hard: conflicting emotions, difficult days, tough love or cuddling, there is no manual and there are so many guides, but right now it's my favorite.  So I put him to bed with a dose of medicine and just a diaper for jammies tonight and hope tomorrow is easier.

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