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Burma Conflict Update

Posted on the 01 November 2012 by Cilaw
Burma Conflict Update

U Aung Kyi

Today’s Hindu Times has an interview with Burma’s Minister of Information U Aung Kyi regarding the violence in Rakhine. Minister Aung Kyi, a reformer who used to be the liaison between the government and Aung San Suu Kyi, says there has been no further violence since 26 October. This jives with the daily newsfeeds for the past week, which have not reported any further clashes. There is obviously an urgent need to care for the estimated 28,000 Rohingya refugees displaced in the latest conflict, but at least it seems the fighting is over.

The minister said: “The officials concerned and authorities are working hard. They are negotiating with the people, holding talks and working hard for regional peace and stability. We firmly believe that there is no reason this situation will grow any further…. the local people also have this belief, and from this situation we are going to create a win-win situation.”

Aung Kyi does not say exactly a “win-win” situation will look like but let’s hope there is sincere intent behind the politi-speak.

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