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Burger Vs Burger

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
Time check: Time for some snacksSnack of choice: Burger
Burger #1: City BurgerSan Jose St. corner Real St., Dumaguete City(035) 422 2775

Burger vs Burger

Grilling station?

Burger vs Burger
Burger vs Burger
   Cheeseburger Php 65Wow! Big fat burger! Upon closer inspection....Wow! Big fat bun and nonexistent patty.
Verdict: Very Disappointed!
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Burger #2: Scooby'sSilliman Avenue, Dumaguete City(035) 2250675

Burger vs Burger

I'm back for burger vengeance!

Burger vs Burger

MEME power!

Burger vs Burger

Inside Scooby's. No scrappy doo's!

Burger vs Burger
 Double Cheeseburger Php 64Sorry no zoomed in photo of the patty, but I assure you the patty of this burger is wayyyy thicker than City Burger's. And wayyy tastier!
Verdict: Very Satisfied!
How two opposing burgers made a 1/2 pound deficit on Mustachios budget:City Burger's cheeseburger Php 65Scooby's double cheeseburger Php 64
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