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Burden of Optimism

By Chetan @smilingchetan

Burden of Optimism
I returned from office thinking about the happenings of the day. My mind was very tired and very hungry; of course I had a bad day. I entered in my room, and there were no lights, it was darkness all around.
I sometimes think that what do I expect from my life, just happiness or is there more to it????? Long back I pondered  this and gave it a thought in the form of my post Work and Happiness. But right now I feel so much confused that how do I explain to people the true meaning of happiness, either they are fools or I am crazy. When someone in an attempt to save his job, life just plays with you or anybody; will he trying to be happy in his life, or will he be living with a fear of losing his job. I don’t know how many of you can understand this statement. When you make the latter described attempt, with my thinking you are searching more than for what happiness requires, and this turns out to be lust, greed and illusions of this mundane world. Can somebody just do anything when he lives in this illusive world??and Can somebody be optimistic when he lives with the people living in the illusive world. Is it not going to be a burden to him to be optimistic while living amongst those people?
It is very difficult to be intentionally optimistic, may be easy for you, but not for me in some cases. When you know that the person is going to use you for his purpose what will you do, will you be keep getting used for the sake of following optimism, or will you also enter into the great world of politics and diplomacy and then move on to the ruts left behind by that same person and will just make them deeper for someone else like you to follow. I have chosen the first one, and I am feeling the burden of it. I enjoy being optimistic, but the easiness of being negative just attracts me so much that I can’t help it. At that instant, I feel optimism as a burden, it goes in my mind like this- “ why to think like this, if we can very easily think like that” , here ‘very easily think like that’ means to be negative, and ‘why to think like this’ is being positive and requires such a strong inner determination that you can’t even express your pain and you have to express your happiness to express pain. I have done it many a times.
There is no threshold limit for being positive or being negative, but is this just my feeling that being positive is a burden sometimes, or it can be as easy as being negative. But if it would have been so easy, why the people around chose to be negative, or are they oblivious to the magic of being optimistic, which in the true sense I also have not yet experienced. When a child comes into this world, he only comes with a smile, not even with a power to comprehend. But slowly, when the brain develops and when he has to make his own expressions the smile changes in to fear; fear of coming second in the race, fear of failing in the exams, fear of not getting a good job, fear of not getting a good girl, fear of losing a job, fear for his children, fear that he would be unhappy, fear of his death.
Do you know, that every thought is infectious in nature, if you will be happy, you will spread happiness and if you will be unhappy you will spread unhappiness. But, the problem comes when there are so many fearful people around and you are trying to be happy. See, by writing this I started fearing that negativity will take roots into my mind because of so many fearful people?? This is the burden of optimism.
Whenever you start feeling the burden of optimism, I would strongly suggest remembering or talking or looking on to the pictures of your girl friend, or wife or sisters or the greatest –mother. You will feel the relief from that burden of optimism, and you will again start enjoying the magic of optimism. I am thankful that I am back into that magic world, and I hope you are right there only.
Burden of Optimism
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