Business Magazine Acquired By End User For $7,500

Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

PriveCo Inc. a company that makes Bullet Proof Vest a product called Bullsafe announced today that they have acquired the domain name “for $7,500 from a domain name investor”.

What a bargain.

According to the press release “PriveCo has purchased premium domain names for up to $1,000,000″ in the past.

“PriveCo has run internet web stores since 1998, and understands the importance of simple, recognizable, and easily-searchable domain names. The acquisition of is just one more thing that establishes BulletSafe as a reputable player in the defensive protection industry”.

The company pretty much goes on to brag on the purchase they just made which I agree was a very good buy for them:

“What is the value of these type-in visitors? ”

“Advertisers appear to be paying from $0.50-$1.00 per visitor for bulletproof vest related terms. Buying the name buys people interested in this product forevermore. For example, if ten people per day type in the name, totaling 3,650 visitors per year, that would be worth approximately $2700 each year”.

“Online retailers and manufacturers have a history of buying multiple domain names to boost visibility and sales. Domains such as and are owned by manufacturers of more expensive protective gear.


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