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Bulk Cooking

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
Welcome to Day 3 of Getting My Groove Back
If you are just joining me you can catch up here.

A few months back we had stocked our freezer with ground chuck and chicken when a local store had it on sale.
Our menu for the week is:
  1. spaghetti and salad
  2. crockpot cooked chicken teriyaki with rice and green beans
  3. leftovers
  4. chicken casserole with green beans and salad
  5. make your own pizza
Thanks to a certain little lady who woke up too early and wouldn't go back to sleep (thanks to another little deciding that 5am is his "I have to go teetee" time) ; I had the meat prepped for all the meals by 8am Saturday morning. I had also cooked breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Talk about feeling productive to start my weekend!
Saturday I cooked all the hamburger for a huge batch of spaghetti. (Spaghetti sauce freezes very well) I had already cooked the batch (2lbs) of teriyaki chicken and cooked another batch (2lbs) of plain chicken in the crockpot. Side y'all use your crockpot? Oh my goodness! I love that thing. Especially for shredded meat of any sort. Throw it in with any sauce or marinade you want and it comes out so tender and fall apart good! You should really give it a try. And it is a huge time saver if you work outside the home like I do. Turn it on in the morning and when you walk in the door at night dinner is ready! If you are a mommy chasing toddlers around all day this is awesome for you as well. Great for any and all busy women! Woohoo!
Sunday I prepared the spaghetti sauce, made two chicken casseroles (1 for this week and 1 for the freezer), had plain and teriyaki chicken leftover for the freezer, cooked my spaghetti noodles, cooked our green beans and prepped our salad. Whew! It was a busy but happy, I'm in my groove kitchen! 
It was such a gratifying feeling to know that we didn't have to stress about dinner this week at all. It has all literally been prepared. Just come home, reheat and sit down to enjoy. I know some people do not care for leftovers but as for me and my house we love them! And some things like Cincinatti Chili just get better with time.
So this wasn't a huge lesson in bulk cooking as I am sure there are so many out there who are masters at it. But maybe it will help you think about using your crockpot more often, find meat on sale and stock the freezer, make a menu or maybe take a Staurday or Sunday afternoon to prepare for your upcoming week.
I know 2 people in my house who are looking forward to a less stressful what's for dinner conversation. Because there is no question.

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