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Bujie's Earpiece

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Here is a snapshot from the mini-debate between Herzog and Netanyahu on "Meet the Press":
Bujie's earpiece
when Herzog turns around to see Netanyahu on the screen you can see the cord from the earpiece he is wearing:
1. is that normal for an earpiece to be used when the interviewee is in the studio?
2. if not, and I do not think it is, is someone feeding Bujie his answers in his interviews?
3. if yes, who?
4. Herzog wants to be prime minister and does not know his own messages by now that he needs to go on-air with his messages being fed to him?
5. and perhaps most importantly, he couldn't get one of those fancy earpieces they use in all the TV shows that does not have a cord and just fits deep into the ear and cannot be seen?
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