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Build With Fences Of Old Wooden For Modern Wood Fence

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Modern wood fence - Decor with modern wood fence, the use of sections of the old wooden fence in a room gives a rustic or western touch. Create panels nailing wooden fence painted or unpainted sections for the lower third of the walls around the room. A white picket fence indicates the field, so continuing the country theme through its decoration. Use distressed, pale blue and green color schemes for floral accessories and furniture. Leave a wooden fence in their natural state and decorate the room with overstuffed leather furniture, wooden beams and carpets of Native Americans.

Build With Fences Of Old Wooden For Modern Wood Fence

Modern wood fence and fence sections lend themselves to the construction of furniture. Use the slats or a section of a picket fence or card to the top of a table and use the fence posts leg. Secure four sections of low fence in a square and add a hinged lid for use as a storage bank. Turn modern wood fence slats wide board on floating shelves or use slats for art projects as primitive paintings, picture frames or signs.

Reusing the modern wood fence for use outdoors. Deconstruct closely smaller sections and convert them into aviaries or planters. Use the sections in the garden to train flowering vines and vegetables above the ground. Creating a mini grape vineyard by running parallel modern wood fence sections together. Build a box of old sections, add a lid and line the box with heavy-duty plastic bin for composting.

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