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Build Gate House Fence

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Gate House Fence - Building a door wooden fence in 3 easy steps. This article will give tell you everything you need to build your own door at home.

Build Gate House Fence

Instructions: 1). Measure the width of the door is necessary and take 1 "off example we have a 34″ wide and 48 "opening height will cause the door 33″ x 47 ", then divide the width by the wide board of use, this example is to use 1 x 6 and is 5-1 / 2 "wide, 33″ / 5-1 / 2 = 6. 2). Provide the required amount of wood in some easels, (note if you cannot get an even number of wood for measurement out of the hole in the middle and fill in the past after crosspieces) Next cut timber for gate house fence the correct height to place them firmly together (use a spacer if necessary to make up any space in the middle for the last cut) then measure from corner to corner making sure that you are in the square, to be on the square both measurements should be the same. Run a 2 x 4 cross clamp 6 "from the bottom and 12″ from the top by placing 2 screws at each 1 x 6 2 x 4 in the key gate house fence.

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