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Budget Ideas For Summer Weekend Getaways

By Travel Australia @KojonupWA

Budget Ideas For Summer Weekend GetawaysSince summer is a great time for outdoor activities, it can be perfect for you to organize a weekend getaway trip with your mates for escaping the hustle & bustle of your daily life. You need not be extravagant and spend a huge amount on booking flight tickets, hotel rooms and the like. There are plenty of low budget ideas that you can give a try to and still have loads of fun with your near & dear ones:


There is no need to buy expensive camping or hiking gear for this. A simple tent and some planning in advance would be more than enough. There are plenty of sites in Western Australia that you can pick from. If you like, you can even set out to explore the Great Southern and enjoy the peaceful scenic beauty, in addition to sharing indelible moments with your pals.


If you want to enjoy summer to the fullest, then do not miss out on the chance of visiting a nearby beach and taking part in various water activities, such as diving, swimming, snorkelling, and so on. Not very fond of spending time in the water? No problem, just lay out a towel on the sand and bathe in the rays of the sun for that naturally tanned skin.

Travelling To A New Town

Why not pay a visit to some town or city that you never been to? There are a number of choices filled with attractions – Kojonup, Perth, Albany, Esperance, etc. Most of these places even offer cost-effective long stay accommodation facilities, including B&Bs. But you must book your place to stay in advance, to avoid last minutes rushes.

Visiting Amusement Parks

If you seek some thrill and excitement during the weekend, then visiting amusement parks in close proximity of your locality is a must for you. Scare yourself to death by riding the roller coasters, enjoy cotton candy with your best buddies, or simply roam around and click selfies. But make sure you choose parks that are within your budget.

So if you usually get bored at home on weekends, then gear up to spend your leisure time in ways that are way more fun than staying glued to your gaming console all day long. Inform your friends well, plan your budget, make in-advance bookings and create unforgettable memories with your partners-in-crime.

Budget Ideas For Summer Weekend Getaways

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