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Budget Friendly Tips to Redecorate Your Kid’s Room

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Budget friendly tips to redecorate your kid’s room

Children grow up surprisingly quickly! One day they want cartoon characters in their bedroom, the next they have outgrown them and want something new and exciting. It is simply not possible to completely redecorate all the time but it is possible to take some simple steps to refresh and invigorate any room for your child:


A fresh coat of paint can transform a room; it can brighten, darken or add to a theme your children have in their heads. It is also easy and inexpensive to do. Let them pick a color and paint their room together to make the process fun and enjoyable.

Budget friendly tips to redecorate your kid’s room

Every wall needs something on it! Instead of looking for specific pictures and posters, take a look at old pieces of artwork created by your children; or even ask them to create some new ones. These can be framed individually or as a collage and create a stunning effect.


Avoid childish furniture; this will need to be replaced regularly. Instead buy quality pieces which will grow with your child and be useful, no matter how old they are. Stick to quality furniture if you want it to last for years, and consider custom pieces with multiple storage spaces and drawers to keep things organized.

Unique floor

Rather than replace the floor it is possible to pick up carpet remnants from any carpet store. These can be turned into rugs, in any shape or design you like. They can add warmth and character to any room.

Budget friendly tips to redecorate your kid’s room
Garage sales

The great thing about children's rooms is that all parents need to update them. This means that you can find a whole host of quality items or even well worn items which need a fresh coat of paint at any garage sale or thrift store. Buying this way also means you are able to personalize the items, if you wish to.


It is now possible to purchase stickers for the walls of any room which can be easily applied and removed at a later date without damaging the wall. This is an excellent way of introducing a specific theme to your child's bedroom; such as super heroes or the latest Disney movie.


Whether your child wants a personalized headboard or a more grown up set of bed sheets this is an easy way to change the theme of the room. Headboards can be covered with any material you can find and can create a stunning focal point, whilst the bed covers can express their latest favorite hobby or pastime. These items can generally be bought for very reasonable prices if you wait for the sales.

Budget friendly tips to redecorate your kid’s room

You can fasten a huge chalkboard to one wall or even paint it with chalkboard paint. Your child can then create their own works of art for their personal space; and they can be changed whenever they want!

Children's photos

When your child is young it can be an enthralling experience to supersize a picture of them or the entire family and stick it to the wall. It will create a striking piece!

Off the wall

There are a huge variety of things which can be used in a bedroom which may not normally be construed as bedroom furniture. Adding colored stones or even painted hubcaps can add the perfect finishing touch to a water theme or car based room.


Wooden beds have a classical look but they are more expensive than their iron counterparts. Alternatively you can have a mattress on the floor and surround it with cushions to create the feel of a day bed.


Curtains are a great way of revamping a room without investing a fortune in design. Brand new curtains with funky patterns and prints will instantly grab the attention of your kids. Go for lively shades of baby blue and other pastels; for some more shadow, black curtains with cartoons or interesting figures will surely make sleeping time more pleasant and enjoyable.

There are a variety of social media sites, including Pinterest which can provide you with inspiration on which items can be recycled in your child's bedroom. Simply look at the sites and recreate your favorite options. You may be surprised at just what you can create!

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