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Budget Friendly Spring Activities For The Family!

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate

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Budget Friendly Spring Activities For The Family!

Get out there and garden!  Head to the front or backyard and garden!  This is as simple as pulling weeds from the sides of the house.  You could even offer to help spruce up your neighbor or family member’s yards, too! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Head to the park!  Pack a bag and head to the park.  You can bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray with you when you go. Bring a few dollars with you in case of an impromptu visit from the ice cream man!

Take a nature walk.  Get those sneakers on and take a nature walk.  Whether it’s around your block or at a trail in a park, walks are a great way to get exercise and get out some energy you’ve had built up since the Winter!

Have a picnic.  Grab a few snacks and head to a park, field, or even your own backyard!

Build a bird house.  If building a bird house is to time-consuming, visit your local craft store for small and affordable plain wood birdhouses for the family to decorate and put outside for the birds!  

Visit a museum or zoo.  Tons of museums and zoos host “free admission” days.  Be sure to check your local museums and zoos websites for any promotional days.

Blow some bubbles.  So inexpensive. So simple.

Visit your local farmers markets.  Saturday mornings have never been so fun!  Check out your local farmers markets for unique and homemade goods such as desserts, vegetables, fruits, and beverages.

Check out some tag sales.  You never know what you could find and for a fraction of the original cost or even just a few pennies!

Plant a tree.

Draw outside with sidewalk chalk.  You can purchase sidewalk chalk at any dollar store.

Spring clean!  For a step by step guide on cleaning your home, check out my new eBook or check out my post for simple spring cleaning tips!

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