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Brussels Sprouts

By Nicoleao @momfever

brussels sprouts‘Right! This Sunday we’re having Brussels Sprouts!’ hubby declared haughtily and threw a bag of Brussels Sprouts on the table.

I was unpleasantly surprised, because I had planned some nice and easy-to-make vegetable soup for our Sunday dinner.
So I asked: ‘Will you be doing the cooking next Sunday then?’
‘Yes,’ hubby declared. ‘Because you’re álways making vegetable soup on Sundays, and I don’t wanna have soup anymore.’

As I saw him standing there with his bad attitude, I felt a great need to kick him in his sprouts.
‘You could have discussed this with me first!’
‘You néver discuss your vegetable soup with me!’ hubby struck back, in the bitter tones of someone who has had it bad for a long, long time.

I took a deep breath to give him a speech about ‘mutual respect’ and ‘I don’t come to your office and start telling you how to run things, now do I!’ when I suddenly thought: ‘Wait a minute! Why do I care if I don’t have to do the cooking?!’ That’s when I realized it was time to beat a hasty yet elegant retreat.

So I said magnanimously: ‘I you continue on like this, you may cook áll the meals from now on!’

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