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Broken Arrow (1996) Review

Posted on the 10 January 2018 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Broken Arrow (1996) ReviewWhen a pilot goes rogue when on a secret mission attempting to kill his partner in the process this leads to a Broken Arrow situation, that is when a nuclear device has been lost or worse stolen.

Vic Deakins was part of a plan to steal the nuclear weapons thinking his fellow pilot Riley Hale died in the crash he leaves that area. But that is not how it happened and Hale is going to pursue the group in an attempt to stop them along with park ranger Terry Carmichael. We get plenty of action scenes in the film which are good to watch and the suspense build up is very good, I can understand why this did really well at the box office on its release.

I will admit that my knowledge on what a Broken Arrow was didn't exist I had no idea why it was called Broken Arrow until watching the film. Which I guess has increased my knowledge! Especially with all the nuclear talk we have had in recent times. So pleased I got round to ticking this one-off my watch list.

I actually feel that this is a very typical 90s action film and has everything you would expect it to have. The car chases, the gun chases and someone going rogue. I guess it's not really anything spectacular but that doesn't matter as it all works out very well. With Travolta and Slater leading the film as well it is engaging enough and is a pretty easy watch. Which let's face it is often what you need at times to just be able to watch a film that doesn't have a difficult plot and just enjoy it for what it is.

I caught this film on Sky Cinema as part of my Christian Slater season since seeing him in a play and trying to catch up with more of his films. I really did enjoy this one and I could easily see myself watching it again in the future. Isn't that often the best way to decide how you felt about a film? If you would actually watch it again. Travolta is engaging enough as well working very well as the bad guy against Slater's good guy. Sometimes its really a good idea to watch films like this and just enjoy the switch off, this one does it very well. I do think this genre did very well during the 90s! If anyone has any more suggestions for either Slater Season or for action films from the 90s that would be appreciated a lot!

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