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Brokeback Iceberg Shattered: Toronto’s ‘gay’ Penguins Split up

By Periscope @periscopepost
Brokeback iceberg shattered: Toronto’s ‘gay’ penguins split up

African penguins share a bite. Photo credit: Clarissa

African penguins Buddy and Pedro, Canada’s celebrated ‘gay’ penguins have split. The celebrity couple’s split brings to a close perhaps the world’s most celebrated animal ‘bromance.’

In the past year, videos featuring Buddy (21) and Pedro (10) in various loved-up poses have spread like wildfire across the internet. The duo, who cosily shared a nest for a year, were separated last month by zoo officials who said they needed to reproduce because African penguins are an endangered species, reported the BBC. Buddy has now paired with a female, but Pedro has yet to find love, though it is not said to be for lack of trying. Associated Press reported that Pedro has been chasing another female, Thandiwey, for several weeks, although she has so far shown little interest.

The birds’ “unlikely” affection for each other drew headlines around the world with cries of “Brokeback iceberg”, reported The Daily Telegraph, which noted that the pair’s bond had been “social – not sexual.”

“We know a lot of passionate relationships can end badly — but this fast? Guys, say it ain’t so!”, exclaimed The Toronto Star, which bemoaned the end of the “loveable same-sex pair” with the “international profile and the high-octane genes.” The Star reported that scientists say that when a female shows up, that often spells the end for same-sex male bonds in penguins and other animals. And vice versa for same-sex female pairings. But it reminded that “the tuxedo-clad birds are not the only animals to occasionally exhibit same-sex bonds — giraffes, dolphins and some monkeys have been observed doing the same. Other same-sex penguin couples have also been documented at the Central Park Zoo and in Germany.”

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