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Brits Stole Clock from Palestinians and Turned It into Big Ben

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
When I first saw the headline I thought it must be a joke, from one of those satire sites, and I just did not pay close attention. I just realized it is real, so here goes. Who even needs the satire sites when the reality does the job all on its own?Brits stole clock from Palestinians and turned it into Big Ben
Fatah is claiming that Big Ben, the iconic clock in London (Big Ben is actually one of the bell's on the clock), is actually The Jerusalem Clock and was originally built at Hebron Gate during the Ottoman Period. Later it was moved by the British during the British Mandate to the municipal building and then dismantled and transferred it to the British Museum in London, against the strong protest of residents.
The post on the FatahNews website was from 2 years ago, but JNS picked up on it now. JNS points out the differences and facts between Big Ben and the Jerusalem Clock, showing how ridiculous the claim is that the British stole Big Ben from them. Differences and facts such as the fact that the construction of Big Ben was completed in 1859, well before the Jerusalem Clock was built. Big Ben dwarfs the Jerusalem Clock with the JC standing 42 feet tall and Big Ben standing 316 feet tall. 
I guess if we take the claim they have on Jerusalem seriously, the British should be negotiating the return of the Jerusalem Clock, aka Big Ben, as well....
Return or not, claim or not (the site says it was stolen but does not actually make any overt demands), the Fatah article claiming the British stole the clock and turned it into Big Ben was some good fun to start the day...
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