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British Justice at Its Best

Posted on the 31 January 2018 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From the BBC:
The four ringleaders behind the Hatton Garden raid must pay a total of £27.5m or serve another seven years in jail. John "Kenny" Collins, 77, Daniel Jones, 63, Terry Perkins, 69, and Brian Reader, 78, were ordered to pay the money back during a confiscation ruling at Woolwich Crown Court.
Seems fair enough, especially as one of ringleaders appears to be a VIZ character.
Here's the fun bit:
Plumber Hugh Doyle, who helped the burglars, was ordered to pay £367.50 for his "general criminal conduct" at the court on Tuesday. Doyle, of Enfield, was convicted in 2016 of providing access to a yard where goods from the raid could be moved between vehicles.
The judge said Doyle, 50, had not received any benefit, payment or reward for his participation in raid, but that he had been deemed to have benefitted £27,194.44 from the proceeds of a "criminal lifestyle". He said Doyle had "limited assets" and ordered him to pay the sum within 14 days.

Not reported was whether Collins' grand-daughter, aged 13, who showed him how to Google "diamond drilling equipment for sale" and helped him place an order on eBay was ordered to repay £10 pocket money and surrender the Wii console he bought her for Xmas.

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