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Britain Is A Nation Full Of ‘Kidults’

Posted on the 24 September 2015 by 72point @72hub
Britain Is A Nation Full Of ‘Kidults’


Britain is a nation full of 'kidults' - adults who cling to childish habits such as counting on their hands, licking the spoon, popping bubble wrap and playing their music too loudly, a study has revealed.

In fact, nearly two thirds of 'grown-up' Brits describe themselves as 'big kids', and prefer child-like pastimes over adult hobbies.

Indeed, many would think nothing of spending hours colouring in and watching kids' TV shows by themselves.

While some still enjoy playing on swings, building sandcastles and relish the occasional water fight.

The survey of 2,000 British adults was commissioned by kids' TV channel, Tiny Pop, to mark the launch of its new show: Miffy's Adventures, Big and Small.

Claudia Dalley, Tiny Pop Channel Manager, commented: "It seems we're all just big kids at heart! When the 9-5 is over, let's embrace these activities and have a bit of fun!

"Some of our best memories are from childhood - riding a bike, colouring in, watching our favourite cartoons on a rainy day....

"So why not carry these on into adulthood and be proud of the fact that we're a nation full of kidults able to indulge in simple, childlike pleasures."

Blowing bubbles through a drinks straw, jumping in puddles and playing with children's toys when the kids are away are also popular activities among the young at heart.

The survey also found more women than men confessed to owning at least one cuddly toy - despite it being known as a child's toy.

And over half of grown-ups - including six in ten ladies and half of men - still possess one or more toys from their childhood.

Sixty four per cent of gents continue to think about their imaginary friend from childhood, while just under half of women do the same.

'Colouring in' is particularly popular amongst females, many of whom have been picking-up their felt tip pens and crayons over the past year.

They also tend to read young adult novels like Twilight and The Hunger Games and watch kids' TV - by choice. About a quarter of males do the same.

But British adults are aware they should have now grown out of habits deemed 'childish' such as counting on their fingers.

One in ten people admit they should not blow bubbles into their drinks through a straw, and ten per cent also conceded they should no longer be throwing tantrums.

Several adults across the country still play with their food, even though they know it's something they should definitely have stopped doing by now.

Many Brits also wish they could still enjoy childhood perks - such as the long school holidays over the summer and being able to order from the children's menu when they visit a restaurant.

The research also revealed that over the last six months, 29 per cent of adults felt they had been 'told off' like a child.

One 'kidult' said their most recent 'telling off' was for answering back, while others cited reasons such as being silly, eating sweets, getting their clothes muddy, and having a messy bedroom.

"But let's embrace our inner child" the Tiny Pop Channel Manager added, "let's fly a kite on a windy day, let's reminisce about our favourite TV characters, and let's pop that bubble wrap until our fingers go numb!

"And with TV characters in mind, remember the cute little cartoon bunny Miffy? Back to entertain kids and kidults alike, she graces our screens once more in Miffy's Adventures Big and Small, launching on 2 October at 7pm on Tiny Pop - home to Miffy, Mike the Knight and My Little Pony".


1. Playing their music too loud

2. Counting on their fingers

3. Playing a board game

4. Popping bubble wrap

5. Colouring in

6. Watching a kids' TV show - alone

7. Doing jigsaw puzzles

8. Licking the spoon after baking a cake

9. Playing with Lego

10. Playing on swings

11. Reading kids' books

12. Making a wish (after blowing out cake candles)

13. Building sandcastles

14. Playing with a child's toy by themselves

15. Blowing bubbles in their drink through a straw

16. Having a piggyback

17. Reading comics

18. Playing with food

19. Having water fights

20. Wearing a onesie

21. Flying a kite

22. Jumping in puddles

23. Braiding their hair

24. Kicking up leaves

25. Playing with a yoyo
Editor's Notes:

Tiny Pop offers a fun and safe environment for kids to laugh, learn and grow, with a diverse range of programming including popular shows such as My Little Pony and Care Bears.

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - a brand new series featuring Dick Bruna's classic storybook character - premieres on Tiny Pop on 2 October 2015 at 7pm.

Tiny Pop is available to view on Freeview 126, Sky 617, Virgin 737 and Freesat 605.

Britain Is A Nation Full Of ‘Kidults’
Britain Is A Nation Full Of ‘Kidults’

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