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Bring the Talmidim Back!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri today approved, in coordination with the Health Ministry and the Foreign Ministry, the return of all foreign yeshiva students and avreichim back to Israel to learn in the yeshivos and kollels.
Deri sent a letter to the various Rosh Yeshivas explaining the process and the requirements for this to happen.
the yeshiva will have to make specific requests for approval of each student, though they will be given a dedicated email address for these requests rather than having to go through the general process and department.
The yeshiva will have to declare that they know the returning avreich and family has a place for quarantine.
For yeshiva bochurim, the yeshiva will set aside a dormitory area for the students to quarantine in.
The yeshiva will have to provide all the necessary food for the students during the duration of their quarantine.
Each student will need his own bedroom, bathroom and shower in quarantine, not to be shared with other students.
Haredim10 quotes an anonymous person in the yeshiva system who asks why Deri isnt requiring Corona tests for students to return, and he also does not specify what the punishment will be if a yeshiva is not careful about following these guidelines.
The most difficult part of this, to me, would seem to be the requirement of one room/shower/toilet per quarantined student. Most yeshivas, I would imagine, do not have facilities that can meet such a requirement.
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