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Bring Back Sunday Dinner

By Ally @allykitchen

Is Sunday dinner a relic of the past or something to reignite? Sunday dinner is a simple way to bring family/friends together. Benefits abound!

Delicious Sunday dinner ideas

Sunday dinner was always at Grandma Cook's house when she was growing up. Grandma Cook was a piss and vinegar festival full of little blue-haired matriarchs. With eleven grown children and their families and partners, she always ruled the roost with integrity. Yep, she's been venerated. And, everyone knew that it was time to rummage over to Grandma's house on Sunday from about 1 pm till about 5 pm if you lived nearby. One of the best things is that the kids love to relish on the best ever Sunday roasted chicken cooked by my grandma.

Sunday treat for family

Friends and family will meet. We wouldn't all sit around the table; so many of us were there. But the kitchen table and the stovetop and oven were full of steaming pots and great food for serving dishes. She still took her coconut cream pie to Opal Accord, who worked at five and a dime in town. I've been trying to reproduce her recipe for holiday table ideas to the best of my ability because it was better than any I have ever had! Some people will gather on the big wrap around the front porch, carry their plate out there, pull up an easy chair, eat and chat about what was going on in the world, weather permitting. In the living room, others will meet and do the same.

Easy family dinner ideas

Some people will gather on the big wrap around the front porch, carry their plate out there, pull up an easy chair, eat and chat about what was going on in the world, weather permitting. In the living room, others will meet and do the same.

Recipe for sunday dinner

You could wander and find the most lively chat from group to group, catch up with the latest gossip and hear about the era's politics. Tables were set outside on the lawn during the summer, crisply ironed table clothes and plenty of folding chairs, some with the straps threatening to fall off. It was still quite a social event and a festive affair. With horseshoes and badminton, entertainment abounded. Yes, in a very different period, this was life. If you are a fitness freak you can also go for 16 weeks to 70: Week 1 Challenge.

Family Sunday dinner ideas

And, usually, less hectic weekends, particularly Sunday from about noon to five, say. That's when you can begin getting your traditional dinner on Sunday! The family that eats together flourishes together, according to Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, a registered psychologist, and parenting expert. Historically, mealtime has been a time of family togetherness. Plus, if you're getting together for many generations, there's a tapestry of variety in terms of ages and interests, and that's just so good for children. Also, go for 16 Weeks to 70: Week 3 Challenge if you love to have a fit body.

Weekend with family ideas

I get why family mealtime might be ultra-difficult during the week. Your table can be bare and just a place for the kids to do homework. If both parents work, the kids are in after-school activities and other things encroach upon getting everyone around the table, then why not shoot for at least one or two times a week. I mean it's better than no times a week. The best time one spends with family is on weekends and this is the time to celebrate and relish on delicious dishes.

The good old days

Lots of people long for those good ol' days. Well, this is one tradition of the good ol' days that you can resurrect. You don't have to make it complicated. Nor do you have to slave and cool all day in the kitchen. We have so many take-outs, catering services, grocery delis, and more where you can pick up the mainstays of your meal, then add sides, salads, and desserts. Or you can put something in the slow cooker that morning and have a full-on pot roast and all the veggies by afternoon. It takes a little planning. And, most of all it takes a commitment.

My family dinner

Even though my kids are all married to their husbands, there are days when on weekends we're all together and this extra effort pays high dividends. Oh, right where I was thirty-five or forty years ago, I see my sons and daughters-in-law. Yep, the wind just to get through the week and keep up. Having a typical Sunday dinner is the last thing for them at this stage.

Weekend dinner recipes

If you are looking out for delicious recipes that you can sit and relish with your mates, then you must try out anything that comes to your mind. Dinner when enjoyed with family tastes much more delicious.

Dessert recipe

One of the best things to end your dinner with is by serving the family yummy desserts. These desserts can relate to custard, jelly, ice cream, or even fruit creams. You can easily cut fruits and relish them with freshly made cream. Also, make sure that you have plenty of desserts so that the family can enjoy it to the core.

Chicken delight recipes

How can you miss out on chicken that is served on a roasted platter? Just roast your chicken and enjoy it with fresh bread. You can also order sauces or make curry from tomatoes and loads of chilies to enjoy.

Bring Back Sunday Dinner

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