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Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

By Kravelv @kravelv

It won’t be long before the summer heat arrives and with it lots of uncomfortable days and nights. There is nothing worse than being too hot, especially when you are at home. Your house is the place where you should feel most comfortable, yet that isn’t the case when it is baking hot. The only option is to try and keep the heat out and the temperature down. To do that, you need to consider the following. Here is a handful of ways to regulate the temperature this summer.

Install Awnings

What is an awning? An awning is a sheet or piece of material that covers the exterior of a building. Stores mostly use them to shield the products that they keep outside or to act as a shelter from the rain. In this case, you will use them to block the sun from hitting the exterior of your home. Any UV rays that absorb into the house will raise the house’s temperature. With the awning, the rays will hit the material instead and dissipate.

Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer1


Plant A Tree

Another way to shield your property from the sunlight is to use trees and hedges. Trees are very effective because they are tall. Plus, they grow toward the sunlight. As a result, they act like a lightning rod, taking the impact of the sun’s ray first. A tree might not be an option if you don’t have any. Instead, go for vines or ivy. They grow thick and fast, and they grow on buildings.

Fire Up The Air Con

An HVAC unit is the best way to keep cool when you are hot under the pressure. The great thing about an air conditioner is that it pumps cool air around the house. If you have one in every room, it will be like sitting in a freezer. Although that doesn’t seem like a good idea now, it will when the heat wave arrives. Most people have HVAC units, but you won’t have used them throughout the winter. Before you use it, check it out to make sure it still works. The odds are that it might need fixing before the summer.

Install Blinds

Curtains are great for the winter months, but blinds work best in the summer. Curtains are a bad choice in the summer because they have thick material. The fabric is a very effective insulator, which means it will keep the heat inside the house. Blinds are different because they are thin sheets of wood or plastic with thin material coverings. They let a lot of the heat out at night because they are bad at retaining heat.

Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer2


Paint The Roof

Your roof might add to your discomfort depending on the color. Black, matted colors are brilliant absorbers of heat. Light, bright colors, on the other hand, are great at reflecting light. As long as your roof is light, the heat will bounce off it in another direction.

Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer3


You don’t have to sweat through the entire summer. With these tips, you can stay as cool as a cucumber.

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