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Brilliant Blind Ideas

By Decorology @decorology_blog
When it comes to decorating your windows there are plenty of choices out there. Whether it’s a plush curtain or a practical Venetian, your window dressing is an integral part of your home. I'm dying to replace my plastic venetian blinds with some more attractive curtains or Roman shades.  However, I have been noticing that roller blinds have come a really long way.  Here are a handful of cute one's I've spotted.
Brilliant Blind Ideas
Smart and simple, they provide you with endless options when it comes to design and with practical properties such as waterproof veneers and blackout backings, they’re useful too. Whether you want to liven up a neutral scheme, create a striking center piece or harmonize with an existing theme, roller blinds provide the ideal solution. If you want something a little more subdued but still need it to tie in with your design scheme, then you could try a border print. This Sajili blind (above) is plain white apart from the exotic elephant strip at the bottom but still connects with the room’s explorer theme beautifully.
Brilliant Blind Ideas
These roller blind designs from Tuiss illustrate the point perfectly. This sweet and charming "Morning Chorus" roller blind will undoubtedly get a lot of compliments, and the various colorways mean you'll be able to coordinate them with your current decor. Letting light softly filter through, you get light but also privacy.
Brilliant Blind Ideas Brilliant Blind Ideas
Alternatively,  I really gravitate towards the floral patterns. Its intricate pattern creates a striking look that allows the blind to take center stage.
Brilliant Blind Ideas More and more I also try to go eco-friendly when I can, and these recycled blinds are a great way to do your part.
Brilliant Blind Ideas
And of course, what's more important than one's beauty sleep?  Blackout blinds can be really important if you aren't comfortable sleeping with your head under the covers the way I am!
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