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Brief Note: "Long Live the Intifada!"

Posted on the 03 August 2016 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
Brief Note: It has to be understood by politicians and educators that when Arab students, and their white western allies, gather in quads in Europe and the United States, within their respective universities, and wave around Palestinian flags and chant "Intifada! Intifada! Long live the intifada!," that they are quite literally calling for the murder of Jews.
This latest intifada over in Israel has been particularly fun. They call it "the stabbing intifada" or "the car ramming intifada" but whatever they call it, it means killing Jews.
Now, it could be that university administrators tend to think that the effort on the part of Israeli Arabs to kill Jewish people is a good thing because it represents righteous resistance to the "Occupation"... with the Big O.
Or, it could be that, as university administrators, they're just stone-cold ignorant.
It is hard to know.
One thing is certain, however, Arab students throughout the United States and Europe are screeching for the blood of Jews and university administrators, such as professor Leslie Wong at San Francisco State University, could hardly care less.
Brief Note:

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