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Bridal Shower Guest Book: Advice for the Bride

By Weddingblog2011

The bridal shower is a wonderful opportunity for the bride to get together with her family and best girlfriends to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Mementos from the bridal shower will always have a special meaning for the bride, and today we have a wonderful idea for a bridal shower guest book that the bride will cherish for years to come.


What You Will Need

  • A Blank Decorative Book

Creating the Guest Book

Make this guest book super special, because your guests will be signing the pages with their best pieces of advice for a happy wedding. This advice is meant specifically for the bride, as opposed to the ones used during the wedding that seek advice for the couple. Decorate the blank book’s cover with printouts, ribbon, embellishments and anything else you want.

During the Bridal Shower

Either ask each guest to sign the book with their best piece of advice for the bride, or place the guest book on a table and leave a sign letting each guest know what to do. Each guest can use a page of the book to provide their favorite suggestions or advice – from making sure the marriage is a happy one to making sure the bride stays sane during trying times with her hubby.

In the years to come,  you will find yourself referring back to this fun book to get tips and advice or just remember the beautiful day you had with your best friends!

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