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Bridal Registry on Etsy

By Innstilettos

Bridal Registry on Etsy
Etsy...the mind bending website where people of all different talents sell their wares.  It is the home to everything handmade and sold on the Internet.  It is where I like to spend my free time browsing through the endless pages looking at how talented people really are.  Beautiful items that just can't be duplicated in the mass market and items a bride would only be so happy to receive at her shower.
I was very excited to see Etsy had now incorporated a place for brides to register.  If you don't already have an Etsy account it is easy to create one by just following the easy steps provided by their website. 
Here are a few of my favorite things:
3 Self Watering Planters- Unique Idea
Bridal Registry on Etsy
So love these because they are unique, creative and sure not to be repeated as a gift!!
Bridal Registry on Etsy Extra Large handmade coffee mugs in an interesting turquoise color.  The only problem is when you break one it will be hard to replace so by a few extras for the bride. Bridal Registry on Etsy adorable pillows are titled for Valentine's day but what says more than marriage than love? Happy Shopping. Deborah 

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