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Bridal Flowers on a Budget

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Bridal flowers on a budget

A wedding can be an expensive event and, as much as we want to keep costs low, we don't want to sacrifice the elegance of this occasion. Apart from the bride's dress and the menu, your wedding flowers will require a significant spend. Fortunately, there are ways to cut back on those floral costs.

The first tip is to choose affordable flowers. Some flowers are cheaper than others no matter the season. This is usually the case when the flowers are readily available and easy to cultivate. The more delicate the flower and the more difficult it is to grow, the higher its value. In addition, when flowers are in season, it means that they can be locally sourced. This helps reduce costs which means that they are some of the most affordable of all.

The second tip is to consider your vases or containers. This is particularly important when it comes to your centrepieces. The more tables you have, the more flower arrangements you will need and, therefore, the more containers you will need. Instead of buying several vases, you can opt for arrangements set in floral foam on plastic trays. Alternatively, depending on the theme of the wedding, you could use regular household items. Some examples include tins, jars, small watering cans, and even teacups.

Finally, you can consider reusing some of your arrangements. For example, the flowers at the ceremony could be transported to the reception to add to the décor. These flowers are usually placed at the venue but they are not the centrepieces. They can be placed in the entrance hall, on the buffet table, and even in an empty corner to add some colour. Instead of letting your ceremony flowers go to waste, you can reuse them and save money. Just make sure that the person or persons trusted to transport these arrangements knows exactly where the reception is and they also need to know where to place them.

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