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Bridal Beauty Dos and Don’ts Every Bride Should Know

By Weddingblog2011

With all of the bridal beauty do and don’t lists out there, it can be hard to know which rules to follow and which rules can be broken. Here are some of the most common bridal beauty dos and don’ts that every bride-to-be should know before her big day.

Bridal beauty dos and don’ts are important for your wedding day if you want to look your best, but the trick is knowing which ones to listen to. Chances are you see countless tips and warnings in bridal magazines and hear about them from everyone in your bridal circle—your wedding coordinator, your bridal party, and your hair stylist. At the end of the day, it’s important know which beauty tips and recommendations are simply opinions or which should be taken to heart.

Here are some standard bridal beauty dos and don’ts you should consider as you prepare to look your best on your big day:


Take makeup seriously—Keep in mind that your everyday makeup needs are different from your wedding day makeup needs. You’ll need makeup that will withhold the wear and tear from the elements and that will look great for your photos. It is worth skipping the DIY option and investing in a professional makeup artist.

Stock up beforehand—Even if you turn to a professional makeup artist for your bridal beauty needs, you’ll still need to stock up on makeup items yourself before the occasion. Be sure to have brand new mascara to avoid clumps (and make sure it’s smudge-proof!) as well as an eyelash curler, concealer, and matte eye shadow.


Overdo it—Too much makeup isn’t just tacky, it’s downright messy. Don’t cake on your foundation, use over-the-top shadows, or thick liner or lipstick that makes you look like a clown. Keep it natural and sophisticated, but don’t be afraid to use a little color.

Experiment with products you’ve never tried before—Another bridal beauty don’t is experimenting with makeup products you’ve never tried before. Unless you experiment with them weeks before the wedding during a hair and makeup consult, you don’t want to try new colors or products the day of the wedding or even the day before. Some products are difficult to remove or they might turn out to be a disaster. This is a good example of a bridal beauty tip every bride-to-be needs to be aware of before her wedding day.

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