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Brett Walker - Nevertheless

Posted on the 24 January 2013 by Ripplemusic
Brett Walker - Nevertheless
This album review hit me by surprise. I was expected a whole lot of melody and hum drum love song approaches. Maybe some catchy chorus to get me through. I placed the head phones on and sat back. Instantly the effect of the guitar driven vocals flooded my ears and It sounded good. Real good. The kind of good solid aor rock that should be played on all the top stations. Brett walker  is a true American gem of a songrwriter. His approach to melody and texture makes the songs pop. You don't walk away from a listen to this guy bored. He rocks.
Brett Walker - Nevertheless  "Hard to find an easy way" one of the best tracks on the cd and the opener. Such a great melody line underneath the chorus. Shades of Mr. Big and Bon Jovi shine through here.  "Never gave Roses", and " Quicksand" are also some really outstanding tracks. Bio speaks of Bryan adams influences and I can hear that but its so much more. This is power singing not the gravelly, springsteen-wanna-be growl of Adams.
Some killer guitar work on "Midnight Angel". I'm hearing def leppard and damn yankees sprinkled in the grooves of this track. Very close to the hair rock anthems of yesteryear. Nice. Very nice.
"No Fire Without You", and "Bad Time For Goodbye" are very well done songs that seem to breathe on their own. You know the moment when your listening to a song and you think you have heard it before or it reminds you of something or...someone.
 Brett  walker delivers more hard hitting aor rock than Dominoes Pizza on game night.
This is a great cd. Simply put, it captures you.
 Draws you in.
 Places your mind in a tension free space.
7 horns up

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