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Brendan Gallagher; ES Ratings and Ratios

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
Gallagher's risk/reward rating and ratio this season have been almost identical to the numbers he produced last season. That said, both his possession and defensive success-rates are down, while his event totals remain higher.
The last 10 games have seen Gallagher shine. Over that span, his possession success-rate is 3.3 percentage-points above his season average, while his defensive success-rate is a full five percentage-points higher than his average.
Gallagher engages in more puck-possession (o-touches) events than the average Montreal winger, as well as more defensive-events. His takeaway-to-turnover ratio is in and around the team average. He does however, have an above-average scoring-chance ratio.
When the Habs have enjoyed success with Gallagher in the lineup it has been buoyed by his defensive-involvement. When the Habs either win, or outscore the opposition at even-strength, Gallagher produces substantially more successful defensive-events per-minute played. Interestingly, his defensive success-rate remains consistent, only the number of successful events increases. Much of that defensive-involvement comes in the defensive-zone, as Gallagher produces almost twice as many successful defensive-events in the d-zone per-minute when the Habs either win, or outscore the opposition at even-strength.
Gallagher's takeaway-to-turnover ratio has been higher over the last 10 games. But, that success has not shown up in his scoring-chance ratio.
  • "2013-14" = Average numbers this season
  • "LAST 10" = Average numbers during last 10 games
  • "ES POS" = Average numbers when Habs outscore the opposition at even-strength
  • "ES NEG" = Average numbers when Habs are outscored by the opposition at ES
  • "WINS" =Average numbers when Habs win
  • "LOSSES" =Average numbers when Habs lose

 The higher the fluctuation within a specific metric, the more likely the player's performance within that metric had a direct impact on the game's result.



ES RATIO1.882.001.952.252.021.932.091.87

ES RISK/REWARD RATING1.261.441.451.651.521.491.601.37

ES OTOUCHES / MP2.1242.0982.3202.2252.2892.4372.3222.364

ES SUCCESSFUL OFFENSIVE TOUCH %58.5%66.4%57.9%61.2%59.6%55.8%60.6%55.1%

ES DTOUCHES / MP0.7730.6680.7630.7130.8570.6900.8160.680

ES SUCCESSFUL DEFENSIVE-TOUCH %61.2%68.7%64.0%69.0%66.0%65.9%64.5%64.0%

TAKEAWAY TO TURNOVER RATIO (HIGHER IS BETTER)1.661.991.681.871.781.601.801.54


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