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Breed Spotlight: Saluki

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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salukiWhile appearing graceful and quite vulnerable, Saluki is actually a keen hunter that possesses the strength, ability and endurance to pursue his quarry even with long distances and challenging paths. These days, Salukis can be seen participating in various lure coursing events as well as in show rings. Also known as the Persian Greyhound and the Royal Dog of Iran, Saluki is one of the most ancient breeds of domesticated dogs.

Salukis are sight hounds (gazehounds) – hounds that mainly hunt using their speed and sight, rather than scents and endurance, which normally scent hounds do. Persian history noted that this dog breed had traveled throughout the Middle East via caravans and nomadic tribes. The breed has been used as hunters of gazelles and hares. Salukis can be categorized under two varieties: the smooth ones and the feathered ones.

Physical wise, Saluki is lean dog with Greyhound-like features.

Head – long, narrow, slightly wide between the ears, tapers gradually towards the nose

Nose – mostly black in color, sometimes resembling liver in shade

Teeth – level in bite

Eyes- large, oval-shaped, dark to hazel in color

Ears – long, mobile, hangs down close to the head

Neck- long

Chest – deep, narrow

Legs – (front) straight

Feet – thickly haired between the toes (protection from rough terrain)

Tail – long, carried low, well-feathered with hair

Saluki’s coat is short but with long, smooth feathering on the ears and tail. The most common color of the dog’s coat is white, golden, tan, fawn and cream. But sometimes tricolor or black and tan occurs.

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