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Breed Spotlight: Boxer

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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Breed Spotlight: BoxerReferred as the middleweight athlete of the “dog kingdom,” the Boxer is a commanding dog with an aura of intelligence and a perpetual alert expression. As of the latest studies conducted by the AKC Registration Statistics, the Boxer is one of the most popular dogs in the US these days. Boxer’s love to be with his people combined with the breed’s natural guardian personality allowed these dogs to do extremely well both as couriers during war time and as seeing-eye dogs for those with sight problems.

The breed got the name “Boxer” primarily because of the dog’s stance when battling an opponent – standing up on his hind legs, appearing to “box” with his front paws. The breed originated in 19th century in Germany and was mainly used to fight with other canines as well as other large game like wild boar and bison until the time the hunter arrived.

Physical wise, the body of a Boxer is powerfully solid.

Head – proportion with the body

Muzzle –short, blunt

Stop – distinct

Nose – black, large, very open nostrils

Jaw – has an under bite

Eyes – dark brown

Ears – either cropped (trained to stand up, tapering to a point) or kept natural (thin, lying close to the head), set high

Neck – round, muscular

Legs – straight and parallel (front), well muscled (back)

Tail – set high, normally docked

The Boxer’s coat is smooth, short and close-fitting. Shades of tan, mahogany, brindle, fawn and black with a bit of white markings are the normal colors of Boxers.

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