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Breed Spotlight: Beagle

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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Breed Spotlight: BeagleDo you know this little dog, Snoopy, from the comic strip Peanuts? Well, he’s a beagle. This type of dog breed is a strong hunting dog that resembles a miniature foxhound. Beagle’s hunting skills mixed with his jolly personality makes the breed one of the most well-liked dogs in the US.

The name “beagle” may have been originated from “be’guele,” a French term referring to the baying sound of hounds when they’re hunting. The first Beagles were recorded in the 1500s used by English gentlemen as hunting packs tracking deer and rabbits. The name may also likely come from the dog’s size. The French term “beigh,” the Celtic word “beag,” or the Old English word “begele” can be the etymology of the breed’s name since all of them means “small.”

Physical wise, Beagle looks like a mini-Foxhound.

Skull – fairly long, a bit domed

Muzzle – square, straight, medium in length

Eyes – large, brown (sometimes hazel), set well apart

Ears – wide, pendant shape, low set, elongated

Nose – black, broad, full nostrils

Body – squarely-built

Feet – firm, round

Tail – set slightly high

Beagle’s coat is medium in length, sleek, hard, and easy to maintain. Colors of Beagle are typically around the line of black and tan, red and white, lemon and white, and sometimes tricolor.

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