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Breast Reduction Update – 5 Years On

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

It's been a few years since I shared about my breast reduction surgery (in fact many who are newer to the blog won't realise that I ever had this surgery back in 2014), and I was asked by a long-time reader who is thinking about going through the process to share an update!

For me, having breast reduction surgery has been one of the best decisions I've made. I'm now healthier and fitter than I've ever been, even though I'm older than I've ever been before 🙂

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Very large breasts make moving fast difficult. They really put me off exercise in many ways as it was uncomfortable to do anything that made my breasts bounce around - finding really well-fitting sports bras helped, but I needed to often wear two of them and still when I ran I'd have to hold my bust to stop it from moving as interestingly, it's exhausting to run with bouncing breasts.

Finding clothes that fit was also a big issue. It's not as bad these days as there are more specialist manufacturers of clothing and underwear for a large bust, but for the majority of my life, just finding tops and jackets that fit my shoulders and bust was a bit of a nightmare. Choices were so limited. Shopping was depressing.

And then there is the issue of back pain. That extra weight carried on my chest, pulling at my shoulders, cutting big grooves into my shoulders from the weight pulling at my bra straps.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

I'm fitter than I've ever been before. I happily take part in exercise in a way that I'd never done previously. This is such a good thing for my health going forward in my life.

Clothes shopping is now about what I like, not what I can fit into. Sure, we all have fit issues, but it's not the same. The choices are so much greater than I'd experienced pre-breast reduction surgery.

Back pain, yep still get it having sat on my foot through school and giving myself scoliosis, but it's so much easier to treat and I'm way more upright than I've ever been (my parents were always on at me about slouching when I was younger and now I work hard at sitting and standing up straighter). The moment I awoke from my surgery and sat up, the first thing I noticed was how much lighter I felt, how there was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Would I do it again? Absolutely yes in a heartbeat! It's had such a positive impact on my life (and style) that I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

How Did Breast Reduction Change My Style?

My wardrobe has had a fairly major overhaul over the past 5 years, not only because of the breast reduction surgery (that was the first reason) but also because I completely changed my hair colour and changed from a dark palette to a light one, lowering my value contrast and my best colours and neutrals.

Breast Reduction Change My Body Proportions

The most major change was to my body proportions. By reducing my breast volume, my bustline was raised which gave me a longer waist proportion allowing me to play a little more outside of my H shape style rules. I no longer look totally top-heavy and can belt voluminous garments to give me the "illusion" of a waist (still don't have that, still an H shape, just one without an overscale bust).

My body is now much more evenly proportioned and balanced, making it easier to purchase clothes.

Breast Reduction Changed the Scale of Accessories and Details

Prior to my surgery, to make my bust appear less prominent, I had to wear very large scale jewellery. When I learned that I could make my bust appear smaller by wearing large scale jewellery it became my signature accessory.

Now I can choose to wear smaller scale pieces without looking out of balance. I still wear many of my larger pieces as I enjoy the drama of them, but I now also choose to wear smaller scale necklaces as well.

Because my style of larger-scale jewellery was always made from small-to-medium scale pieces, rather than one large scale element, they can all easily be worn no matter the scale of my bust.

I now can also choose to wear more different necklines, such as gathered necklines (which make your bust appear larger) and even strapless or one shoulder (as finding a strapless bra that fits is way easier than it used to be).

Breast Reduction Changed the Fit of Clothes

One of the items I got rid of the most quickly was jackets, as the ones that fit pre-surgery were just too big and baggy post-surgery. What had looked shape pre-surgery just looked sloppy afterwards.

The other garments that I got rid of were my dresses that no longer fit well. If they had had enough space in the bust the proportions became all wrong post-surgery.

I used to dress to make my bust less apparent, that was my style goal most days. I often felt I looked too "sexy" that my large bust drew too much attention in the wrong way. This doesn't even cross my mind anymore!

No longer do all my style choices revolve around my boobs!

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