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Breast Reduction Update – 4 Weeks Post Surgery

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

before and after breast reduction

Warning: this post contains boobs and may not be work appropriate or if you have beliefs about modesty you may want to skip this post.

Today marks my 4 weeks post breast reduction surgery. Yes, I’m still having some pain, tingling, burning, stabbing kinds of weird and uncomfortable sensations, but I do not regret the decision one bit.

Even though I’d lost a whole lot of weight prior to my surgery, I hadn’t gone down in top and jacket size, because I still had to fit my breasts into them. Now that my breasts are half their original size, the majority of my tops and many jackets are too large and so I’ve had to start finding some replacements.

This means I’ve been out trying on a bunch of clothes on my new body shape. It has allowed me to try styles of clothes that I never ever would have tried before, including a dress with spaghetti straps and a gathered neckline, that in the past would:

a:  have made my breasts look completely ridiculously large
b:  not fitted
c:  couldn’t have worn as the honest truth is, strapless bras really don’t work when you have the weight of breasts I used to have, so would never have been able to be worn (I had to have clothes that I could wear a conventional bra underneath, so always nice thick straps).

I tried this spaghetti strap dress on (sans bra, just for the fun of it) and can I tell you, it worked wonderfully!


Exercise: I am now going back to exercise, but lower body only and low impact for the next two weeks.   Hill walking, squats, lunges. I’ve been advised to wait a couple more weeks before doing more high impact exercise (plus, right now, I think it would hurt, so I don’t want to!), and I’m also avoiding yoga because it requires lying on your chest, which still hurts and using a lot of pectoral muscles and I’m scared of splitting internal and external stitches (just not worth it in my opinion).


Before you scroll further, be aware of who is around as the following pics may offend some (though personally I can’t see why breasts or nipples are offensive, as all women have them and they are natural and beautiful).

To give you an understanding of the difference in breast volume here are some pictures.

Here is one of my old bras compared to my new bra size.  You can see how much space (so much I had to stuff a large scarf into each cup to fill them out) between the cup and Molly my mannequin who is probably a  C cup.

Old vs New

And here is a before and after of my breasts (can’t believe I’m actually sharing, but having been on lots of websites reading up about breast reduction and I’ve seen lots of these pics now), have tried to make the pics a bit arty just in case you’re on public transport reading this!

before and after

before and after

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