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Breaking News -- Military Coup Has Begun in Egypt

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Doggone
Wow - Egypt could share a new Independence Day with the U.S. after this.
Every indication so far is that the military is intervening to get rid of Morsi because of serious and dangerous over-reach and power grabbing, and that the military is doing so to promote new and hopefully more honest elections that are more representative of all demographics.
It also appears that there is a strong impetus for not only presidential elections, but for their representative parliament or congress-equivalent as well.  This is a strong blow for secularism, and against the Islamists who want to institute a Muslim theocracy.
This could be more exciting than watching fire works over the next few days!
Sincere prayers and good wishes that Egypt works this out for real freedom and stability for these people, and for this part of the Middle East. 

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