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Breakfast WIN! {Getting Kids to Eat Without a Gun!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   Samantha had a hair appointment this morning so for a while this morning it's just me and the monsters...I mean boys.  Our day starts off just about the same every morning: 7:30am que Zion (5 years old) to the bedside with a dddaaaddddddyyy I'm hhhuuunnngggrrryyy! 7:40am que Deano (3 years old) to the bedside if I'm not already moving "daddy I need new underwear, I'm wet."
   This morning was no different. Jayden, our aspie, usually just heads downstairs on his own and does his own thing until we are up. When I crawled out of bed this morning and begrudgingly went down stairs I realized that mom was leaving and breakfast was up to me! {Kind of sounds like the plot to a bad comic book}
Breakfast WIN! {Getting kids to eat without a gun!}
When mother's go out to get their hair did, when little boys tummies growl uncontrollably, when there is no one left who will stand up and change pee soaked undies....Super Dad is on the task!!
Breakfast WIN! {Getting kids to eat without a gun!}   I learned an important lesson this morning, don't give choices! Just fix the food and put it on the table! These boys come from a dad that, if his wife is not there to stop him, will eat pizza or left over baked ziti for breakfast. When I laid out the choices of Waffles or Nutella I was stopped by Zion saying "Daddy! I want chocolate waffles! ooohhh yyyeaahh!" So, Nutella Waffles are born. On any other morning I couldn't get a waffle to go any where near our aspie's lips unless there was a gun involved....strike that, pretty sure he would choose the gun! BUT after seeing the so dubbed "Chocolate Waffles" I got a "hey daddy....maybe I could try one of those waffle sandwhiches...just to see if I like it." Its times like that, when they actually WANT to try something new, when you try not to fumble or get gitty & just get that food to him ASAP before the wind changes and it doesn't sound like a good idea to him anymore! While we are probably not the first to think of it we will be more than happy to pretend we are as well as take credit for it to friends and family. While not the most healthy thing in the world, it's GOT to be better than a poptart!

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