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"Breakfast @ Tiffany" Week End.

By F.b.c.reations @fbcreations

I watched the movie again this past Sunday morning for the bazillionth time. Once more I got exhilarated and intrigued by the fabulosity of the clothes. I paused every single outfit  to get the details of the evening gowns, the pearls, the hats, the gloves, the coats, the shoes, the bags, the furniture … that is: I got a “Audrey’s whole chicness in the bones” moment. And it culminated with wanting the SUNGLASSES! 

Googled them and the entire web claims them being Ray Ban Wayfarer. Still not really convinced (I can’t find them in the official Ray Ban webpage), I dig some more. Find a blog, thePurseForum, and an old post (2008) where I get confirmation that at least once a day somewhere someone gets an Audrey moment. It’s not only me. 

To the point that someone contacts a different company thinking it’s the right lead and gets this reply:

Dear Xxxxx,
Whilst we made many of the frames Hepburn wore in her movies, the ones in Breakfast at Tiffany’s I believe are Ray Ban and are no longer in production.
We did make sunglasses for Hepburn for that film but on that occasion they were not used. We also made glasses for other cast members of that film.
The good news is that we are frame makers by trade and can tailor make any frame you might want. If you wanted we could make you a replica of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s frame.
This would cost £450.00 (the price for a custom made sunglass frame).
If you are interested in this service, let me know.
Best wishes

So, now if you want to settle you get comfortable with black Wayfarer, if you are OC (like me) you may have to opt for a custom made pair which considering inflation and the not so fair exchange rate with the UK pound, they can easily end up costing you $800.

Dreaming fabulous sometimes can get costly. But makes you feel so good!

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