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Breakfast Bowl

By Gardenamateur

I'm sometimes accused of being a bit of a hopeless romantic, so let me appall you with this miserable idea: if a plant pops up in your garden and you don't know what it is, take it from me, there's a 99% chance it's a weed.

Note there's a loophole here, the bit about "you don't know what it is". When a plant pops up in your garden without you planting it – and you do know what it is – it's probably something self-seeded from an existing plant, or a survivor from your compost heap, like this delicious strawberry patch.

Breakfast bowl

This morning's harvest of strawbs will soon be the star
of a healthy breakfast, but you do have to do a tiny
bit of work for your sweet reward. Some strawberries are
brazen crimson show-offs that are easy to see, but a lot of
them lurk under the foliage, and so a bit of peek-a-boo
work is needed to provide a full breakfast.

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