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Brand24 – The Social Listening Tool You Need Today

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Brand24 -A Social Listening Tool

Brand24  – The Social Listening Tool You Need TodayBrand24 is a social listening tool I learned about over on the Quora network. Not only does Brand24 monitor your social mentions but they monitor anything mentioned with your name or company name on the web.

In addition to mentions they also give each mention an influencer score and a sentiment score.

There are a United States company out of Florida since 2011.

What Can Brand24 Do For You?

Have you ever been mentioned on social media or on a blog post but didn't realize it? It happened to me when I was mentioned as a top 10 Twitter influencer by Report Garden. The Report Garden did not send me an email or a tweet. But Brand24 is how I found about it via an email alert. You can have them send you email alerts daily, weekly, etc.

Brand24 helps you reach customers and partners fast when you are mentioned. Today people want response instantly. They do not want to wait an hour or God forbid even a day!

How to Get Started With Brand24

Pick your name and brand or other keywords that you want them to monitor - they are called projects. Then you set up your Brand24 dashboard settings. They recommend you start with simple configurations to include and exclude keywords.

You can also contact customer support for help They are quick to reply to emails unlike the non-responders at CoPromote. Once you have the dashboard set up you will start to see the social listening tool for your keywords. When you go back to your dashboard that next time you can view just the mentions from the last login to that dashboard.

What Is Influencer Score?

An influencer score rates people and websites that mention you. The score indicates how much authority a given person or media outlet has on the web. The algorithm is based on the number of followers a person has in social media, and for a website, on how many monthly visits is usually received. You may filter your mentions by this influencer score to see the most significant ones first.

What is a Sentiment Score?

Their system automatically assigns sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) to collected mentions. The feature is available only for mentions in English. You can also filter your mentions by sentiment.

What Else Can You Monitor With Brand24?

You can pick and choose categories to look over. They offer social mentions, blogs, forums, news outlets and various other websites across the net. Just pick and choose how you view your mentions via these sources to make it easy!

What's a Storm Alert?

Brand 24 sends out a storm alert when you are mentio

Brand24  – The Social Listening Tool You Need Today
ned a lot in a one day. They send you this via email.

You can choose your email notification schedule. I like to do mine daily. I often will go to the Brand24 Dashboard to see what is causing the storm alert.

Learn why you received a lot of mentions in one day, what particular post or quote may have prompted it. It could be the person who shared your post had a lot of influence and your share went much further into the social universe.

You may also see the percentage of your social media reach in the Brand24 storm alert as well as the sentiment score.

Brand24's scores can help you learn what works best on the various social networks. Click To Tweet

Brand24  – The Social Listening Tool You Need Today
Brand24 Mobile App

Brand24 recently came out with a mobile app! You know how important that mobile apps are today. I was thrilled to see that communication from them.

The mobile app does not give you as much information as with your desktop dashboard but it is a quick way to glance at it.

Notice the engage buttons in green - it makes it easier to engage right from the Brand24 app ! That is a really nice feature. You can toggle easily between different keywords and projects from above.

Brand24 Perks

Not only do you get great social listening tools with this company but they also offer their customers perks. Who doesn't love a perk now and then, right? They include discounts on various products for bloggers and social media tools.

Are you using any social listening tools today to monitor your brand or name?

Go to Brand24 to sign up today for your social media listening tool today.

You can get a FREE 14 day trial of the social listening tool Brand24 with no credit card.

Monthly plans start at $49/mo.

*I am not an affiliate of this product but was offered a longer free trial for a review.

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